Hotels Pubs and Clubs TV replacement and Digital Upgrades

Hotels Pubs and Clubs TV replacement and Digital Upgrades

On this page are a selection of pictures cataloguing our efforts in Hotels Pubs and Clubs across Tasmania.

A typical Pub/Hotel project might involve new cabling and upgrade of the "Headend" which supplies the signal to the TVs.

For example at the   Bayside Hotel St Helens, we provided  all commercial channels (FTA) FOXTEL, SKY and KENO services to all TVs in the Hotel rooms and Sports bar.

Other work might include, cabling and  installation of new TVs, repair work on the TV or Satellite or CCTV system, adding new channels, integrating Keno or  advertising into the system

We have done similar work in venues diverse as.

Mowbray, Cock n Bull, Riverside, Newstead, Retreat, All Year Round, Star Bar, Black Stallion Carlyle, Shoreline, Devonport RSL, Cradle Mt Lodge, King Island RSL Parers King Island, Flinders Island Hotel. Rosebery RSL, Regatta point Tavern, Hamers Strahan, Gladstone Hotel. And many more!


Bayside Hotel pub
Complete TV system upgrade including new TVS and cabling to all rooms in the hotel and sports bar at this iconic venue.
SKY KENO and Foxtel to all Hotel rooms.

DSCF9564 Medium

Bayside Hotel St Helens.
An orderly well ventilated cupboard for all TV services can be easily accessed for channel changes.

DSCF9976 Medium

Bayside Hotel St Helens.
Showing a rack of modulators and wiring distributing FOXTEL, SKY and KENO, to all rooms in the Hotel.

grays hotel Medium

Gray's Hotel Georgetown.
BCTS installed all the CCTV and TV system for this pub upgrade, this picture shows the CCTV power supplies and some of the MATV distribution system.

king island club Medium

King Island Club
We have done work for SKY, KENO and TOTE at this venue over the years.

King Island Racing Medium

King Island Racing Club
"Where the Surf meets the Turf" A new SKY satellite upgrade at this lovely racetrack.

legana tavern Medium

Legana Tavern Launceston.
A recent TV system upgrade at this tavern included new TVs in their recently constructed functions room, and we also supplied an outdoor TV cabinet for the smoking area.

Lords Hotel Medium

Lords Hotel Scottsdale.
TV and Satellite upgrades and cabling.

mowbray Medium

Mowbray Hotel Launceston.
Complete TV system upgrade during the hotels extensive bar renovation

mowbray head Medium

Mowbray Hotel Launceston.
TV distribution board.

railway sat Medium

Queenstown Railway Hotel.
We have done work for the licensee, SKY and TOTE at this venue over the years.



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