Disaster Gallery

Disaster Gallery

A variety of disastrous jobs that we have been called out to.


bayside rusted LNB

Salt water corrosion on a Satellite LNB.


burnie sky area

Typical pub setup for SKY in owners apartment!


salted LNB

Salt water corrosion on a LNB.


ewaste Medium

The end of the CRT.


tote van1 Medium  

tote van2 Medium

The TOTE betting van after rolling



A strong satellite vandal!


GEDC1076 Medium

Found in an underground pit, RG11 cables with no waterproofing and uncrimped.


GEDC1080 Medium

GEDC1082 Medium

"There's a small dent in the dish mate, but it looks OK"  (Description by the owner)


in a room next to a kitchen Medium

In a room next to a kitchen, equipment covered in rat and possum faeces.


king island Medium

Salt corrosion King Island Racing Club "Where the surf meets the turf"


noise at ch 40 Medium

New HDMI modulator with harmonics problem.


power lines too close

Power lines too close.


sat arm rocky cape Medium

More salt water corrosion, this time the elevation screw is badly affected.


september 22 2010 284 Medium

Easy install by mainland contractors using a toilet vent pipe.


sep 2008 013 Medium

Satellite bug cap near the seaside with salt residue.


test and tag 004 Medium

Why test and tagging is not always a waste of time.


under the floor Medium

Well protected RF amp under a room near Cradle Mountain Tasmania. Avg. 2000mm rain per year.

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