CCTV remote Camera Ulverstone Greyhound Track

CCTV remote Camera Ulverstone Greyhound Track

Proudly in partnership with Zade Enterprises we have recently commissioned a stand alone solar powered CCTV system for Tas Racing at its new Ulverstone dogs training track.

Accessible by an internet browser and providing High definition pictures this unit stores footage for over 1 week!

It has numerous fail safe devices to increase redundancy, deter vandals monitor the 4G connection and automatically reset when internal faults are detected.


GEDC2568 Medium

Dome camera covering car entry.

GEDC2570 Medium

A weatherproof IP box holds the NVR recorder solar batteries, modem, and other equipment.

GEDC2572 Medium

Motorised camera covering the dog run.

GEDC2581 Medium

A general view of the structure with solar cells and 4G antennae used for independent remote access.


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