Elwick Racecourse MATV Digital Upgrade and TV Replacement

Elwick Racecourse MATV Digital Upgrade and TV Replacement

Elwick Racecourse (LUXBET Park) For Tas Racing.

Supply and Install 185 TVs.

Rebuild TV system to MPEG4 Standards supply FTA TV, SKY Racing.

Create dedicated Broadcast channels and distribute to all TVs in the venue.

Modulate and scale HDMI UBET racing odds for distribution to all TVs.

Manufacture stainless pole mounts for 74 TVs and mount in members bar for table viewing.

After sales service and maintenance.

GEDC0279 MediumElwick racecourse Hobart Tasmania.

GEDC0139 Medium

TV headend rack showing HDMI modulators for SKY betting odds and in-house racing channels.

GEDC0143 Medium

Balancing the digital channels with the aid of a spectrum analyser.

GEDC0150 Medium

A second rack was added for UBET odds equipment.

GEDC0155 Medium

Another equipment picture showing the rack with BlackBox HDMI scalers to adjust aspect ratio for RF distribution.

GEDC0157 Medium

Another picture of the modulators, vertical hanging keeps the equipment a lot cooler and extends its life.

GEDC0206 Medium

The members area, each table has its own TV with the patron able to switch to the channel of their choice.

GEDC0217 Medium

The members area, looking at the track, we cabled and mounted a total of 74 TVs in this upstairs function centre.

GEDC0220 Medium

A picture of one of the betting areas at Elwick with TVs. 


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